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RRwellness was born in 2010, while I was sitting by a river watching the flow of water. As the water flowed steadily around the rocks, I reflected on how the water shapes the rocks and how the rocks shape the flow of the river and how everything intertwines with each other. We all have an impact on each other, rippling out infinitely into the world.


I started teaching yoga in hopes of sharing the gifts that yoga has given me… movement, self-discovery, awareness, acceptance… the list goes on.  I realized all of my hopes and more.  One of my favorite teachers once said to me, “Life is to be experienced. You can’t find it in a book. Go out and live it!”

I invite you to let go, open to new experiences, and see where the river of life will take you!

Wethersfield, CT 06109

Tel: 860.595-2267

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