About River Rock Yoga

Have you been wanting to try yoga, but haven't found the right place to start? 

In Sandy's classes, you'll receive personal instruction to help you relax and revive your body in a safe, natural way. 

My Mission:

My mission is to share the benefits of Self Care,  help students learn to down regulate from their fast paced world and live happily in their bodies, minds and souls.



Group Yoga Classes, Private and Semi-Private Yoga; Corporate Wellness, Conscious Movement, Meditation, Breathing Techniques, Yoga Tune Up® and The Roll Model Method®.

Therapeutic Massage and Body Work

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Yoga Tune Up's potential for rehabilitating people’s bodies, mind and spirit always amazes me!


Yoga Tune Up® is a form of yoga, massage and corrective exercises

creating a unique yoga


Yoga Tune Up® eradicates pain,

improves posture and enhances performance.


Designed to create flexibility, relieve muscle tension, and build strength from the inside out. No matter what physical discipline you teach or practice (or don’t practice- especially those in agony from sitting at a desk for 40+ hours a week). Yoga Tune Up can create radical change in your body.

Yoga Tune Up enables people to identify areas of their bodies that have been undetected, underused, overused and or abused.  We can begin to realign and restructure, stretching and strengthening your bodies infrastructure by releasing unhealthy tension patterns and blind spots, and discovering a “new normal”  moving back into physiological balance.



Did you know a 60 minute massage is as beneficial to your body as 8 hours sleep!


This is the beauty of bodywork. Taking part in a form of regularly scheduled self-care can play a huge part in how healthy you'll feel.


According to Huffington post a new study found that massage really does work to ease those sore muscles after a tough workout. Just 10 minutes can reduce inflammation, which can help your body recover.

The health benefits of touch extend beyond simply soothing aches and pains. Massage is a good way for us to stop and slow down from our busy world bringing us into a state of relaxation and well being.



30-60 minute workshops available!

Learn how you can find your work.life.balance.  Customized to the needs of your office. 


Sometimes all it takes is a shift in perspective to change how we feel and think.  Yoga is an easy and fast way to relieve your body of aches and pains from sitting or even standing at your desk all day.  Cranky upper back neck and shoulders or maybe its lower back and stiff hips.  Learn easy techniques to  bring you and your body back into alignment.  Do you have cranky co workers who are stressed out and moving a mile a minute learn how to slow your self down and breath new creativity, productivity and energy into your day.

Sandy's flair of interactive and experiential learning is fun and playful, utilizing embodied movement, Yoga Tune Up® massage therapy balls & skeletons igniting a curiosity in her students empowering them to feel better in their bodies.