River. Rock. Yoga.

River Rock Yoga... The hot days of summer, no better place to be than on a rock in the river. Watching the river flow by, I look up stream and see the past, then down stream and see the future. I am humbled by the movement of water directly in front of me, it's as if the water is standing still..... there is movement but in no particular direction. Wow! Presence! Peace! The moment feels magical. It is in this moment that determines where we will go or how we will float down the river. I place my foot in the river and notice how the water flows around my foot and how the rocks shape the river and how the river shapes the rocks. For me, my yoga mat is like sitting on the rock in the river. It's a place where I get to be just as I am. It's a place of transformation and a letting go of the past and future. A place where I can watch my thoughts come and go as if I am on a rock watching the river run by. Where I can experience and explore on the safety of my mat. Hence, the name river rock yoga.... I was on a rock one day a few years ago and knew that this is where I would be someday and here I am. A pretty powerful rock indeed. I invite you to come to your mat, bring it here to River Rock Yoga or even your living room and explore, experience for yourself your own magic.



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