The Illuminating Effect of Being Unplugged

Hurricane Irene left us without power and in the "dark", I found an incredible light in the experience. While the east coast became unplugged, I found a beautiful quietness and peace. As I slowed down, I noticed my family although unplugged from their electronic devices, were now plugging into something much bigger... each other.

After the initial shock of no video games, my family began to talk, walk, play board games and generally pay more attention to each other, human to human. This connection even spread out to our neighbors as well. Moving out of our houses and turning to each other for support and communication. There was less arguing and rushing around. Dare I say, life became more peaceful. It reminded me of sitting on my yoga mat. When I first sit on my mat, there is a rush of thoughts. How can I stop and be still with all this swirling around my head? But if I stay and sit through the sometimes uncomfortable flow of thought, something enlightening happens, usually when I am pulled to come back. There is a sense of peace, stillness, quiet.

Thank you Hurricane Irene for allowing our family to be illuminated and connected to each other again by forcing us to sit in the unsettling quiet and stillness and enabling us to see the light in each other. We forget that we can unplug from our stressful lives that we can choose to sit and find the peace within ourselves. This beautiful light that is within us is always here. We can tap into it at any time. Remembering is the key. How long will it take to forget? Not long. The power comes back on and there is the buzz of the world again, we go back to our computers, video games and emails. I feel the pull back into the busy, noisy world. Each time I come to my yoga mat I get to remember. I get to rediscover the connection to my true self.



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