A Lesson in Time from my 13 Year Old

My insightful 13 year taught me a wonderful lesson one morning as I was rushing her to get ready for school. She said, "Mom, you know what I was noticing, when I rush around, it feels like there is not enough time. I feel stressed and I don't like it. When I slow down, time slows down too. Its much more calm that way. So can we please SLOW DOWN!" Wow! She's right! What a great teacher my daughter is. She called me out on one of my biggest challenges, slowing down. I am setting an intention or (Sankalpa: a chosen internal resolution that helps to positively reshape and influence one's direction and purpose) for myself. When life feels busy and stressful I intend to slow down and take time out to breathe, meditate and/or get to my yoga mat. Coming to my mat I get to pause and explore the spaces in between my thoughts, my breath, my movements. A place of no time. I can be just as I am: no lists, no places to be other than right here.


Sandy Byrne

#slowdown #rush #stress

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