What Type of Ripple do you want to Create in the World?

How long did your New Year's Resolution last? We give up so easily. You don't have to give up anything to begin living to your full potential! ADD more of what you want in your life! Invite it in... The letting go will happen naturally and effortlessly. Bring your attention to what you want. It's all about intention - inner resolve. Mine is to be my best me and live fully and completely. The abbreviated version: to stay in my new growy uncomfortable self.

~ (Dip your Toes in the Water)

It's the adding NEW that's the tricky part. This is where most people give up or don't even get started. Trying something new every day to keep your mind and body young is vital. New can feel prickly and stretchy. New is growth. Sometimes we get growing pains. If we work through the discomfort, and stay with it, especially when we are about to give up, transformation occurs. The bud begins to develop and soon there is a new beautiful flower. The trick is staying with it - don't give up. Allow yourself to feel uncomfortable.

~ (Decide to Jump in)

Yoga is a great training ground for UNCOMFORTABLE. As my teacher has said many times, "Can you be comfortable with being uncomfortable?" Now I know it's very easy to talk blah blah blah, but that's why I do yoga because it gives me a beautifully safe practicing ground to try out new. I know when I am on my Yoga mat, that if I fall apart its ok. Falling apart is the work, the magic place where it all happens. All I have to do is keep bringing myself back to my intention again and again without attachment or judgment. Much safer than gymnastics high on a balance beam, my first training ground was all or nothing. Yoga offers us a safe place to play with lots of love, encouragement and soft landings.

~ (Splash)

I challenge myself and all of us to Be present with uncomfortable. Wow that's uncomfortable. If you're having trouble with all this, remember this next universal law: "The one thing we can count on is change". I got distracted. My point is that when we are in an uncomfortable place in our practice or our life what do we do? Can you sit with it? Are you open to the possibility of different responses to your usual reactions? Do we run away, judge, wiggle, jump around, give up or can you stay with it. Sit on our mats and keep attention to the breath.

~ (Creating a Ripple)

Keep growing, keep changing, and keep trying new things every day open to new possibilities. New keeps us young and vital and connected to ourselves and the world.

~ (How Far does a Ripple Grow, Skip Stones)

Just like a growing flower keep wiggling your way through the waves of transformation and moving towards the sun. There is a lot of beauty inside just waiting to be seen.

By the way, writing this one was very uncomfortable.


Sandy Byrne

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