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WETHERSFIELD - Sandy Byrne of River Rocky Yoga in Old Wethersfield began as a gymnast, competing for many years before devoting herself to coaching youngsters in the area. After having kids of her own, she began to look for ways to relieve the pain of all those years of hard work and strain on the body. One day while at the gym, Byrne reluctantly attended her very first yoga class. Despite all the reasons she could think of for not participating in yoga classes, she felt so much better after that first class that she had to continue. Much like the route she took with gymnastics, her next step was to teach. She wanted to teach others that the pain they suffered from arthritis, or just plain sleeping in an uncomfortable position, could be alleviated by practicing yoga. Sandy and her instructors at River Rock Yoga teach body awareness and techniques to make the body feel good. They offer Zumba, hula hooping, Reiki, meditation and everything you need to heal your mind and body. There are even yoga tune-ups, private and semi-private yoga instruction and, of course, massage therapy.

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