They say your Guru will come when you are ready!

Some of you have heard me tell the story about how I met my Guru on the train coming back from NYC. They say your guru will come when you are ready. They weren't kidding! I guess I was ready. He found me! He was very shiny and jovial and reminded me of a papa smurf, or maybe SANTA. In two hours I learned a lot about his life, about myself, about being open, and how we all effect one another whether we know it or not, communicating on many levels, and being in the flow. Did I mention he didn't speak a lick of English!

Yoga teaches us to listen to the innate wisdom of our inner guru, which is always present. Sometimes our guru shows him or herself in peculiar ways. Sometimes it's a soft whisper you hear or feel and occasionally we are blessed with a little Indian Swami. Remember we are all blessed all the time! All we have to do is slow down, listen and learn to trust ourselves. You have all you need within you! Yoga prepared me to see my guru to be open to the lessons of my life with grace, ease and humor. Yoga helps us to blossom in a way and in a time frame that is perfect for each individual.

Guru = teacher. I'm sure you too have had many guru's in your life that have helped to shape you and mold you into who you are today. We have all heard our inner guru. We will all be blessed with many life teachers. Be open to your experience... who knows what you will find...

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