A Long & Healing Journey

My yoga journey is long, and perforated. I began taking yoga in 2003 at a Bikram Studio in New Haven, CT. I was instantly drawn to the intensity of Bikram, and also was very young and still figuring out the difference between GOOD energy and bad, and really enjoying figuring out what it was to encounter amazing good energy. I continued that practice on a semi regular basis until I moved to Los Angeles, the unofficial yoga capital of the US, in 2006. Yoga is pretty much the norm in LA. There is a studio in every neighborhood and you can get really deep into a practice there very easily since its super convenient. I had a regular practice when a roommate and I decided to up our game and go to India to study. I attended a TTC training at a Sivananda Ashram, and could write an entire novel on just those 4 weeks of training alone. The struggle, the euphoria, the feeling of wanting to run every other day, coupled with the feeling that I was in the right place at the right time, and possibly as close as I could get to utopia - of course when i wasn't dreading chanting at 5am.

I finished that teacher training less with the intent of teaching, but more with an intent just to learn. I still think of that program daily- about 10 years later. After that course, my yoga practice was very strong for a few years, mostly going to vinyasa flow classes and a few Bikram classes here and there. I moved back to Connecticut and in the last few years my practice has been more or less dormant. I experimented with other forms of exercise, some for years (mainly weight lifting and running) and even though i had periods of time where i loved what I was doing, nothing comes close to the overall feeling of openness, personal strength, and connection to my body that yoga gives me. I always find myself coming back.

Right now I am dealing with the aging process as someone with Scoliosis. I have always known my spine was crooked, but it has never bothered me. Now, in my 30s, it hurts more and more, and I am on a path to find the best things I can do to keep my back healthy long term. I also just purchased my first home in Wethersfield, so when I found River Rock, SO close to my house, I knew that one of the factors to keeping my back healthy, AND my self healthy, would be to jump feet first back into my practice. The biggest challenge so far has been dealing with my own ego and going easy, not trying to do the things I used to be able to, and coming into class with a gentle energy to do whats right for my body NOW, and not my body 10 years ago.

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