A Yogic Transformation

Meditation and yoga were introduced to me at a time when I was really struggling. I was having a hard time feeling my feelings, I was extremely unhappy and facing some big life decisions. I had no sense of how to read, let alone trust, any gut feelings I had about what to do. My therapist always encouraged me to trust my intuitions, and suggested mindfulness meditation and ultimately yoga to strengthen the connection between mind, heart and ultimately body. From my first class I was totally hooked. I had no idea what I was doing, but I was totally immersed in the class, and at the end I floated out of the studio totally blissed out and yoga high. I knew I was changed.

Yoga has helped me learn how to trust myself, do a better job of listening to my body and my mind to determine what is best for me rather than any external factors. Yoga has also lead me to develop my own kind of spirituality and beliefs different than those I was raised on, and taught me to be more open to new experiences, and change. Change is hard and yoga helps me to process the anxiety I have when something inevitably has to alter.

I found River Rock Yoga about three years ago when I moved back to the area. RRY helped remind me what it is like to be part of a community, further diversify my yoga practice with the introduction of Yoga Tune Up balls and help me to deepen my practice even more through YTT. Yoga has meant so much to me and changed me so much that I would love to share it, and give other the chance to embark on the incredible journey that is yoga.

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