Yoga: My 30s Bucket List

Two years ago my best friend and I were turning 30. We decided to celebrate the milestone by creating a list of 30 things to do in our 30th year. We got carried away creating a very ambitious list which we slowly realized could not be completed, so it evolved into a list of 30 things to do in my 30s. (A whole decade sounded much more reasonable!)

The list includes a wide variety of items, some simple, some I wanted to learn how to make, trips I wanted to take, books I had yet to read...(if you hear me practicing French, you'll know what that's all about...) but also a few items that I hoped were going to allow me to approach the next decade of my life in better health and happiness. One of those items, line #22 to be exact, was a commitment to yoga or meditation.

Right about the same time River Rock moved in approximately .3 miles away from my home, and quite honestly the rest is history.

While I fully expected to benefit from the classes I was going to take, I didn't expect to continue after the allotted amount of time I was prepared to give in order to satisfy the completion of this item on my list.

Fortunately for me I stumbled into a community and a lifestyle that I wanted to commit to, allowing small positive changes within myself after every class.

A co-worker one day last week asked me how I was so chipper and positive on a Wednesday morning...I guess that's the natural side-effect of more yoga in my life. Tuesdays are Yoga Tune up- for the body and the soul. :-)

Thank you River Rock!

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