Explore your Core - row your boat

Explore your Core with me this summer as we row, row, row your boat! If you have come to play with me in my classes recently, you may have gathered that it has been all about the core. Twisting, rolling, holding, falling courageously and (coregeously) exploring our edges and edges of edges getting into slow and purposeful movements, the nitty gritty of body proprioceptive awareness. The core isn't just one sided (front) but consists of all the muscles 360 degrees from shoulders to pubic bone. Our core is a place of transformation and transferring energy throughout our body think of digestion and how the strength of core transfers out to our limbs. I have vowed to row our boats at least once in each class this summer. More ways to row and all different kinds of boats still to come. There is still time to come boating summer's not over yet!

Throw back from my gymnastic days!!! Thought I would share this video as it was part of a balancing class I've been playing with. Row your boat by flipping your plank upside down with a core stabilizing transition from high boat to low boat with hollow body. Similar to traditional plank the gluteals are supper helpful in stabilizing the core so squeeze those sit bones (ischial tuberosities). Wake up: rectus abdominis and hip flexors, plevic floor, and superficial myofascial front line. Lots of good stuff!!! Challenge yourself further by rocking your boat a bit in the low boat (hollow body) and or rise up with legs straight in a v :)

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