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"Sandy's tuneup ball class is one of the best yoga classes ever!! It will roll away your aches and pains and make you sleep like a baby. Sandy is very passionate about what she teaches and she is very knowledgeable and caring. Highly recommend this yoga studio." Dea S.

"I started yoga for the first time this year. I love how it helps me to connect to my mind and body. It was honestly nothing like I expected. I never thought I could feel the peace and healing I get from my classes. I wished I had started sooner, but so happy I finally tried it. Beautiful place and beautiful people." Kyle D.

"I have tried many different types of Yoga, when I found Sandy’s studio I realized this was ‘IT’ for me.
What makes Sandy’s classes great is that she incorporates all aspects of her background into her Yoga classes. Yoga Tune Up® helps me learn how to self-care and massage knots out of the body, and the stretching in Vinyasa yoga helps elongate, all the muscles that just don’t get used at a primarily sitting job. Sandy’s knowledge of the anatomy of the body helps those of us that want to know why, and how things are connected have a better understanding that it Is ALL connected. Knowing that every class I take with Sandy is guaranteed for me to come out with a new nugget of knowledge about my own body or simply just a ‘Oh my Gosh’ this feels awesome’ moment. It is such a blessing that I found Sandy’s studio!!!" Monica Z.

"River Rock Yoga is a fantastic studio to keep a regular practice at, or even a sporadic practice. Its got great energy, is personal, and has lots going on if you're into learning about Yoga. Lots of workshops, interesting classes, and fun promotions. Super happy to have found it! PS: great parking and easy to get to!" Samantha S.

"Amazing yoga study! All the instructors are highly trained and wonderful! The owner is knowledgeable and more than willing to answer any questions that come up during practice! I love classes where they use the yoga tune up balls!" Issa G.

"Thank you for being so kind to me today. I felt really awful before class and feel so much better after! My 4-day-old headache is slowly easing up and I think it was from the class. I hope to make it to more classes in the future!"  Colleen C.


"I just had the BEST massage I have ever had! It was so good that I fell asleep, and now I feel like I am walking on clouds."  Caitlin M.

"I have absolutely loved attending the yoga basics series at River Rock Yoga for the past month! We still have another month left in the series, and then I will have the opportunity to explore different facets of yoga in the multitude of workshops, classes, and series they offer. I've been doing yoga for about two years, but it's never a bad idea to go back to the roots and relearn from a new teacher's prospective. Thank you, Sandy, for being so awesome and reintroducing me to yoga in a completely different light! Namaste" Megan R.

"I Looooove RRY....I feel so much better after I leave a class. The teachers are great!" Malamatti L.

"This is my new home away from home ❤. I came in on a whim with the simple intention to exercise more but I found a studio full of wonderful people, amazing teachers and I learn something about myself and my abilities from every class. Yoga has a lot of flavors, even if you think you won't like it, give it all a try!" Juliana V.

"A kind, welcoming space even for those of us with two left feet." Doretta A.

"The instructors are incredible! The variety in classes allows you to tune up to get rid of aches and pains or move through a power class. They have something for all yogis." Perry D.

“My favorite Tuesday morning place to be is River Rock Yoga."  Bonnie​ B.

"The sense of community that this studio brings is what keeps me coming back, and not wanting to take my practice anywhere else. The instructors always meet you wherever you're at." Katie D.

“​Thank You Sandy Byrne for an amazing Yoga Tune Up® Therapy Ball Practitioner Training! The more I learn....the more I know.....the more I learn the more I want more! I am a student of my body....I am a student for life..." Sharon S.



"The Rock and Roll Yoga Tune Up® class was very informative, and knowing how to relieve pain and muscle tension in several places. The shoulders, neck, and face techniques very relaxing after we were finished. Great class..."  Ed C.



"Thanks for such a very fun partner yoga class on Saturday. & I had a blast!"



"Thank you so much Sandy for this morning's yoga session! It was really enlightening and empowering. Happy Thanksgiving!"  Kelly D.


"I was talking to one of your students yesterday and she was raving about your studio, your classes and you. It was so lovely to hear and I had to share that with you because I know how much it means. ;-) from one yoga teacher to another ♥"  Nancy A.

"I love River Rock Yoga... you all make me feel wonderful! Thank you." Nancy M.

“My whole perspective on yoga changed last night when I took the gentle restorative class.  Many thanks for a wonderful experience.  For those like me who had found yoga somewhat torturous, please consider this class.  It is kind, gentle and more calming than a massage."  Kathy

"Highly recommend River Rock Yoga! Sandy and her team are wonderful!" Brydie D.

"Took the beginner yoga class. I liked it very much - the space is clean and sufficient, the teachers know their yoga, the time of the class, the location is right off of the highway. All good! I recommend River Rock Yoga." Cynthia M.

“The dominant muscles of my mid section are wide awake.  Thanks Yoga Tune Up®!"  Mary M.

"I love attending classes here. I learn something every time I come and leave feeling refreshed and ready to take on my day. Wonderful place!" Corey S.